Museum Minds – Denmark’s new natural history museum

I really like the web site of the new Natural History Museum of Copenhagen! The new museum does not exist yet, it is expected to be completed in 2017, but its web site is on line and gives a lot of information on the project.

My favourite part is the one concerning the innovation team: Museum Minds. A team composed of scientists, science communicators, artists and designers is working to develop new ideas for the exhibitions and outreach activites of the future museum.

They use the web site actively to describe the different challenges a modern science museum is confronted to, and how they strive to address them (read more here):

  • How do we spark a lasting interest in natural history and the natural sciences?
  • How can the Natural History Museum truly become a national museum for the whole of Denmark?
  • How can we really captivate the visitors’ minds?
  • How can we reach teenagers?
  • How can we get into a dialogue with our visitors?
  • How should we use new technology and media?
  • How can the museum make a special effort to reach out to demographic segments which traditionally avoid museums?
  • How can we build bridges between the different branches of science – not to mention between the sciences and the humanities?
A very interesting reading showing how science museums are evolving these days: towards a greater dialogue with the public and potentially more co-creation / involvment of the public in the construction of meaning (see also post on Art Labs).
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