New year’s considerations on science communication


I will start the first post of the year by wishing everyone a happy 2013! I hope this new year will bring you inspiration, success and fun in your personal and professional projects.

One of my teachers in science communication used to say: “remember to love and create”. As young students, we thought this was a very amusing thing to wish, and we used to laugh about it.

But the years have passed, and I do not think it is foolish anymore. On the contrary, I think she was so right: freedom to create and to do what you love is such a gift!

And science communication is so much a field where both are needed in order to connect people, science, technology, meaning, art, fun and much more! During the last six months I have been following the latest developments in science communication and I am amazed by the brimming creativity and ambition of the people working in that field.

There is so much exciting science out there and we need to share it to make sense of it.

No matter the context, no matter the media you choose when you work with science and research communication, you will work to connect people with diverse interests for the scientific topic you bring on. And that’s what I love most about science communication: the possibility to create forums of exploration and learning between people with different interests and backgrounds. (read more on the concept of “hybrid forums” in Acting in an uncertain world: an essay on technical democracy by Michel Callon, Pierre Lascoumes & Yannick Barthe)

Inspired by the ambitious, engaged and creative people that I met in 2012, I hope that I, through this blog, will be able to connect more and more professionals in the field of science communication, and thereby contribute to initiate new projects!

Many thanks to Karin Ilsøth Rasmussen, Peter Hyldgård, Jácome Armas, Morgan Meyer, Nina Bjerglund, Hanne Strager, Helle Rimmer, Lasse Foghsgaard and all the people who took time to meet me and who inspired me in my quest for compelling science communication.

Happy 2013!

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