Festiblog: focus on the use of comics to communicate science

Festiblog is a webcomics festival which started in France in 2005 .

This year, in connection with the festival, the association Stimuli has organised a series of workshops dedicated to the use of comics to communicate science.

During the workshops, a group of 10 children work with scientists and artists to create characters and stories about science. Children become scientific storytellers!

The comics realized by the children will be exposed at Festiblog which will find place the 29th and 30th of September.

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    4 thoughts on “Festiblog: focus on the use of comics to communicate science

    1. Thanks for the mention! As Stimuli member and aspiring science communicator, I participated in organizing the event and I observed the hole process. I was very impressed : in just 5 hours the kids (10 to 13 yers old) were able to discuss science with us, invent a character, write a story smehow involving the imposed theme (microbes) and draw it! The resulting comics are still visible at the Médiathèque Maguerite Audoux in Paris, 3rd, and should be scanned and posted on Stimuli’s Science/comics special website soon : http://bd-sciences.stimuli-asso.com/ (in french…).

      • Nice to get feedback from the organizer herself! PLease tell me if you want to publish a post about the association and the project on this blog. I think it’s a great initiative! Thank you for sharing :)

      • Dear Ethan, Thank you for your comments and for letting us know about your organization. You’re doing a great work! I hope we can keep on sharing ideas in the future. And please contact me if you wish to present other projects on this blog, it would be great!

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