Museomix – experience prototyping in museums


What is your dream museum? What would you like to see, to experience or to do in your dream museum? And how can you make it happen?

Looking for answers to those questions is the driving force of Museomix, a movement which started in France in 2011 and which is now spreading to other European countries and Canada.

Under the motto “People make museums!”, Museomix aims at creating new forms of mediation and visitors’ experiences in museums.

I attended a meeting on Museomix at the National Gallery of Denmark in March and got really seduced by the concept. Samuel Bausson, who is one of the creator of Museomix, was in Denmark on the occasion of the Danish Museums Association’s international seminar on museum mediation, and he had been invited by Merete Sanderhoff, from the National Gallery, to give a presentation of Museomix.

Museomix triggers a huge interest among museums professionals looking for new ways to create engaging visitors experiences.

And the Museomix experience is indeed very exciting and inspiring, both for the visitors involved in prototyping new museum experiences, and for the museum staff, who discovers alternative storytellings around the diplays and exhibitions, news ways to use space, sound, light, etc to transform the life of the museum.

Obviously letting people hack your museum demands, not only courage, but also resources to prepare, promote, identify participants, coordinate, etc. And that is the difficult part for most of the museums… That is the reason why Samuel Bausson encourages museums to entrust the organization of Museomix to an external coordinator. That is the case for instance in the UK, where Mar Dixon, an independant “Cultural Critical Friend” passionate about museums, has started MuseomixDK

Read Samuel’s complete Danish stories on his blog here.


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